Personal Wealth Management Services

Personal Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management

We employ numerous strategies to maximize the growth of your investments.

Our “evidence-based” investment philosophy is endorsed by the top business schools in the country.  It is not speculative or derived from guess work.  Instead of trying to beat the market, we help our clients own the market.

History shows that this strategy outperforms all others over time… it statistically has a higher probability of success.  You may have heard this referred to as passive investment management, but we take that to the next level with global diversification, proper rebalancing (the art of selling high, buying low) along with tax strategies including Tax-Loss Harvesting and Roth Conversions when it makes sense.  We call this the DNA of smart investing.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning is a health plan for your financial situation and it goes far beyond Wealth/Investment Management.  Comprehensive financial planning involves a detailed review and analysis of all facets of your financial situation, including:

Cash Flow Analysis

What’s coming in, what’s going out… we provide a written financial plan to help you reach all your goals before and through retirement.

Retirement Planning

We not only help our clients determine how much income they will need to retire without the fear of running out of money, but also Social Security optimization, Medicare planning, and HSA accounts.  For those already IN retirement… we help them maximize their existing nest egg.

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Risk Management

Good insurance and bad insurance… we help our clients understand the difference.

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Tax Planning

Hint: pay Uncle Sam the lowest amount necessary, ALWAYS.

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We help our clients take advantage of 529 Plans to wisely invest and save for qualified educational expenses.

Estate Planning

No financial plan would be complete without proper Estate Planning.

If you were incapacitated, who would manage your affairs?  If you passed away, who would manage/distribute your estate?

These questions along with many others can and should be definitively determined by YOU, not the government.

We educate our clients in the area of legacy planning to help their heirs avoid probate along with overpaying in taxes.

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