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Fischer Investment Strategies retirement services ( is a dedicated website that specifically serves small businesses interested in starting a new company retirement plan, or needing to benchmark an existing company retirement plan.

Ted Fischer is a NAPFA Registered Fee-Only Financial Advisor.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the leading professional organization of fee-only advisors that are Certified Financial Planners. NAPFA is distinguished both by the competence of its advisors and their method of compensation.
At FIS, we do not accept any fees or compensation based on product sales (commissions) or revenue sharing (kickbacks – typically from mutual funds with high expense ratios). Our retirement plan advisory fee is completely transparent and based on a flat rate or a percentage of investments under management.


Looking to start a company retirement plan?

Whether it’s a 401(k), 403(b), 457, Defined Benefit, Cash Balance, Profit Sharing or a combination thereof, DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!
Let FIS show you the way…
  • We will make sure your plan design offers the maximum tax deduction permitted under the law, and as true fiduciaries, we guide you through the fiduciary process, dramatically reducing liability exposure.
  • Low cost investments with NO commissions and NO revenue sharing.
  • Our TPA partners work closely with HR and payroll so they are never in the dark.
  • We provide semi-annual (or as needed) education for employees, helping them maximize savings and minimize tax exposure.
  • User-friendly participant enrollment and management platform providing a better retirement plan experience for all.
Let FIS help take retirement plan administration duties off your plate!


We can help you with your existing company retirement plan

Do you know how much fiduciary liability exposure you have with your current plan?
Does your current plan give you the maximum tax deduction allowed?
Is your current retirement plan based on the outdated “revenue sharing” model? 
When reviewing an existing plan, the following are of the utmost importance:
  • Cost– total cost of the plan
  • Compensation– who is getting paid what
  • Competitiveness– how the fees you are currently paying compare to what’s available
  • Services offered– define and evaluate
  • Investment Performance– fund line-up matters

If we can’t improve your plan, we won’t waste your time!

Retirement Plan Services for Business

Risk Management

During the discovery process, FIS can identify potential gaps in coverage or opportunities for supplementary risk defense and/or premium reduction.  Furthermore, FIS reviews clients’ business succession plans to verify that the plans meet both personal and estate goals.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are wonderful, if and when affordable.  Based on the goals of the business owner(s), FIS can recommend various employer/employee deductions and services that can defer and/or reduce company income taxes.

Group Insurance

A privately-held company can significantly reduce its insurance premiums for employees if it qualifies for a group rate.  Group insurance applies to healthcare, life, dental, disability, long-term care, and other insurances.  FIS can help clients get quotes for the bundling of these services to minimize costs and maximize coverage for their companies.

Review Business Financials

FIS will review the company’s financials and can work with the client’s tax accountant to implement recommended tax strategies and/or a specific retirement plan.

Retirement Plans

One of the major benefits of being self-employed or owning a small business is that an owner(s) can create a customized retirement plan tailored toward his/her retirement goals.   Retirement plans that provide tax breaks to the owner(s) and/or employees that meet certain IRS and ERISA rules are considered “Qualified” plans.  Retirement plans that don’t meet these guidelines are called “Non-Qualified” plans.

FIS can assist business owners in designing optimized retirement plans that can significantly reduce taxes and defer income for future retirement needs.

For more information, please visit our dedicated Retirement Services website