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Ted Fischer is a NAPFA Registered Fee-Only Financial Advisor.  The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the leading professional organization of Fee-Only advisors that are Certified Financial Planners.  NAPFA is distinguished both by the competence of its advisors and their method of compensation.

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A great tool to shed light on your your “risk vs. reward” mindset. Is the risk level in your current portfolio in alignment with your risk tolerance?

We have 25 years of Financial Expertise and Advisement

Comprehensive financial planning is a health plan for your financial situation and it goes far beyond Wealth/Investment Management.  Comprehensive financial planning involves a detailed review and analysis of all facets of your financial situation.

Cash Flow Analysis

Understanding what’s coming in, and what’s going out… we provide a written financial plan to help you reach all your goals before and through retirement.

Risk Management

Good insurance and bad insurance…we help our clients understand the difference.
Additionally, as our clients get closer to retirement, proper portfolio rebalancing can drastically lower risk and reduce volatility, creating a smoother glide path into their retirement years.

Retirement Planning

We help our working clients determine how much income they will need to retire without the fear of running out of money, along with Social Security optimization, Medicare planning and HSA accounts. For those already IN retirement…we help them maximize their existing nest egg.

Estate Planning

If you became incapacitated or passed away, who would manage or distribute your estate? These questions along with many others can and should definitively be determined by YOU, not the government. We educate our clients in the area of legacy planning to help their heirs avoid probate and minimize taxation.

We are committed to providing the best financial solutions for your individual situation

FIS realizes that every client has different goals and a unique set of financial circumstances.  Our mission for every client is simple: to provide the highest expected rate of return, with the least amount of risk based on the client’s situation, using a low-cost, globally diversified and tax-efficient portfolio.
Financial Advisor, Westlake Village, CA

Initial Client Consulting

During our FREE initial Discovery Meeting, we gather information that allows us to create a financial plan.  From this foundation, we are able to provide financial planning, asset protection, risk management, tax planning, investment management, retirement planning and estate planning.
Financial Advisor, Westlake Village, CA

Understanding Your Financial Goals

Understanding your financial goals is essential for us to help you establish a clear path to reaching them.  We understand priorities and goals can change, so we like to meet with our clients at least one or two times per year to keep their financial plan current and on track.
Financial Advisor, Westlake Village, CA

Balancing Your Portfolio

After understanding our client’s goals, we create a low-cost, globally-diversified portfolio that aligns with the client’s assessed risk tolerance, and then we monitor and rebalance the portfolio as needed to maintain the appropriate risk level throughout our client’s investment horizon.

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